About Us

The Tuanis Media Story

We Are A Small Agency, with Big Visions

Tuanis Media is a small digital marketing agency with big visions. It is a professional boutique studio whose goal during its inception was to service small businesses’ demands. Tuanis Media was co-founded by Jimmy & Mariana Granados. Both are creative professionals that collaborate on unique concepts of business.

Mariana is an experienced professional architect. She brings in her amazing design vision into business. Jimmy is a professional graphics artist. He uses his conceptual and entrepreneurial vision to draw up ideas from minds to papers.

The Story

To grow Tuanis Media, Jimmy worked as an in-house designer at HEB Food Stores with a Headquarter in San Antonio, Texas. Jimmy started hearing about SEO while doing his graphic design work. He also learned how valuable SEO was in making small businesses successful. This prompted him to learn about SEO and what it entails. It was after learning about SEO that Jimmy started a branch of search engine optimization at Tuanis Media.

After conducting careful research, Jimmy started the iRankU Brand that became a hit in addition to the print and web design services that Tuanis Media was offering under the Marketing Depot Brand. Following the success of the brand and increase in clients, Tuanis Media opted to narrow down SEO services into a single client in every niche per city.

Our Goal

Our goal is to meet the ever-growing demands of clients that depend on us to deliver excellence in what we do. We are passionate about our work and we endeavor to deliver exceptional results in every project. Our commitment to quality and clients’ satisfaction has made Tuanis Media a preference for many clients. Today, Tuanis Media is growing steadily from a home office in San Antonio, Texas. We also plan to expend to New Orleans, and Costa Rica.  

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